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Solid, robust roofs that are carefully maintained will last for years, providing structural integrity to the homes and businesses they cover.

Roofs are important for shelter and for keeping sun, rain, wind, snow, and hail out of buildings.

Roofs serve another function: they provide an installation surface for important housing and building systems.

  • Gutters collect rainwater and carry it away to downpipes for dispersal away from a building
  • Solar panels absorb sunshine that heats water
  • Skylights let light into buildings
  • Vent pipes in roofs facilitate properly functioning plumbing
  • Satellite dishes and antennas provide signal reception for devices
  • Lightning rods attract and redirect damaging high voltage electricity

We understand the importance of quality roofing materials installed correctly. We strive to always deliver the best products, services, and customer care.

Professional Roofing

We deliver comprehensive roofing services across Dublin. Count on us for specialised installation replacement and repair of all roof styles.

24/7 Services

Count on us for dependable, high quality services, night and day, 7 days a week.

Affordable Price

We offer a range of quick and cost effective solutions. We’ll come by, assess your project, and give you a no-hassle quote.

Lead Valleys ReplacedAt Roofing Dublin, we accept roofing projects large and small. We install roofs on new construction builds and we replace roofs of all roof types.

We’re equally comfortable roofing small residences and large commercial structures.

Our seasoned roofers are experienced in the installation of all kinds of roofing materials. We work with interlocking tiles, clay tiles, stone, concrete, slate, metal, thatch, shingles, and shakes.

Don’t know what roofing material will look the best on your new home or business building? Our consultants will help you decide by presenting you with all the information you need and guiding you through your options.


Our Services

Roof Repairs Dublin

Most roofs will get damaged over their lifespan.

Being large, exposed surfaces, roofs are vulnerable to all forces of nature. Excessive rain, strong winds, and hail will damage roofing materials. Falling branches and trees may crush both roofs and their supporting trusses.

Roof leaks may develop slowly or abruptly. They may result from sudden breaches, by materials wearing out, or by improper installation that allows water to penetrate.

In some cases, roof leaks spell disaster, such as for the company that utilizes moisture-sensitive equipment now exposed to rain. In most cases, roof leaks cause damage and inconvenience.

Our expert roofing teams quickly address leak issues. Using technology and special leak-detection equipment, our roofers can quickly identify hidden sources of leaks, then implement repairs.

When a roof requires large-scale repairs, our teams will secure it temporarily until permanent repairs can be made or the roof replaced.

Flat Roof Installation

Flat roofing is installed predominantly on commercial buildings. Correctly cladding this type of surface requires experience and knowledge.

Our team installs flat roofs with competence and efficiency.

We offer a range of commercial products, including:

  • elastomeric felts
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)
  • TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)
  • bitumen
  • polyurethane foam
  • torch-down
  • Liquid Rubber

If you have a flat surface that needs re-roofing and are considering changing materials, please call us. One of our expert Dublin roofing contractors will be happy to sit down with you and outline all possible products for your project.

We will work with you to identify the best material for your needs and budget.

Ask us about our repair and maintenance programs with annual roof inspections.

During an annual roof inspection, our expert roofers perform comprehensive checks of roofing materials, gutters, soffits, and fascia. They identify areas of needed repair and flag vulnerable areas to monitor.

Customers who schedule annual roof inspections find that their roofs stay healthy and robust for many years.

Slate, tile and felt re-roofing

Roofs require replacing when:

  1. Their materials have deteriorated or worn out
  2. They have been too severely damaged by other forces to repair

Our roofers are experts at re-roofing. Our teams carry out residential and commercial re-roofs with speed and thoroughness regardless of the product being installed or the size of the roof.

Our customers can be confident in the integrity of Roofing Dublin products and installations.

Chimney Repairs

Across Dublin and surrounding cities, more and more homeowners are restoring and using their fireplaces. Functioning fireplaces require functioning chimneys, and we are consider ourselves to be experts at chimney repair.

Chimney stacks, being the highest points of most roofs, are especially vulnerable to the elements. Chimneys on older homes suffer weakening of the lead-work at their bases.

We are professionals carry out full chimney inspections and all subsequent repairs, including lead-work, re-pointing, and brickwork. Additionally, we fit and install gas cowls.

Do you need to have a chimney removed? Our teams also provide this service.

Call us for a free consultation or estimate.

Skylight installation is straightforward in some cases and complex in other cases.

Simpler skylight installation happens when a roof is being replaced. The installation and re-roof are integrated into one project.

Somewhat more complicated is when homeowners request a skylight be added into an existing roof. In these situations, the roof must be opened, and sections removed. This work must be done with precision, as must the fitting of the skylight.

Skylights that are improperly fit pave the way for water leaks and higher heating and cooling bills.

Our team are experts in both kinds of skylight installation. We stand behind our work and guarantee properly fitted skylights.

Our company provides total roofing services to the people and businesses of Dublin and its surrounding towns. Call us today for a conversation about your project or to schedule an on-site visit with a free estimate.

Gutters, Fascia, and Soffit Installation and Repair

These important roofing features deteriorate over time or get damaged and require repairing or replacing.

  • Gutters collect rainwater that flows off roofs and carries it to downpipes
  • Soffits cover the spaces under eaves
  • Fascia are finishing vertical boards directly under the roof edge

Our roofers install new gutters, soffits, and fascia. We also make repairs to existing gutters, soffits, and fascia

Call us for a free consultation or estimate

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